Yes, you read that right! An eco-friendly all vegan football club has risen into the English football league for the first time ever.

Forest green rovers
Forest Green Rovers celebrate after winning promotion to the Football League.

Forest Green’s players and staff are all on vegan diets, spectators munch on meatless quorn pies, a robot mower cuts the pitch at The New Lawn stadium and the club’s owner is a sustainable energy business baron which is pretty amazing stuff for the future of this inspirational football club.

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Forest green rovers
A computer generated image shows a view of the proposed new stadium for English non-league soccer club Forest Green Rovers designed by Zaha Hadid Architects and to be constructed entirely out of wood.

The competition’s new chums – who are planning the world’s first stadium built entirely from sustainable wood – have become media darlings in England through their radical dietary approach and quest to become the world’s most sustainable football club.

Forest green rovers
How the proposed all-wood Forest Green Rovers stadium would look from the inside.

They watched groundsman Adam Witchell supervising the grooming of the pitch with a robotic mower dubbed “The Mowbot”, powered by solar and wind sources.

“It works from satellites and there’s a wire that runs around the pitch, so it has a perimeter. It will cut the whole pitch in three days. If there is ever a problem and it gets stuck, it sends a text to my phone to tell me,” Witchell told The Guardian.

The usual stodgy fare fed to football fans has been kicked into touch at The New Lawn stadium where chef Em Franklin overseas the menu.

“The Q-Pie is brilliant – people love it,” she told The Guardian. “It’s a shortcrust pastry base, puff pastry lid and it’s Quorn with soya béchamel white sauce, with thyme and leeks.

Vegan pie

“Because we’re vegan doesn’t mean it’s all lettuce and lentils.”

Dale Vince, who has owned Forest Green Rovers since 2010, founded Ecotricity, a green energy power generation and supply company worth an estimated $NZ176 million.

Nailsworth – population 5794 – is the smallest town in Britain with a Football League club, but its owner has big ambitions.

Vince banned red meat consumption at New Lawn stadium in 2011 and kicked fish and dairy products into touch in 2015. He has also installed electric car charging points outside the ticket office.

He told “The football and the green message support each other; it’s a symbiosis. If we do great on the football pitch, then what we say about organic, vegan and electric cars has more resonance.

“If you cut us open like a stick of rock, you’ll see the environment runs all the way through us. It’s is in our DNA.”

Vince is proposing to build a stadium built entirely from wood as part of a 100-acre Eco Park containing community facilities, such as gyms, all-weather pitches and sports science clinics. He has estimated the cost at $NZ176 million.

Forest Green do not mind sending up their green sensibilities.

When the club won last May’s Football League playoff game at Wembley, BBC Radio Gloucestershire comment Bob Hunt barked into his microphone: “Cheltenham, Swindon, Newport, you’re going to eat hummus at The New Lawn next season …”

WATCH this video to get a good insight of the club and its vegan, sustainable journey:

Here is how they got promoted to the Football League:



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