Say hello to WaterSeer™, this device condenses pure water from the air without power or harmful chemicals. It’s green, sustainable, simple, low-maintenance, easily deployed and fit for any community. VICI-Labs worked with UC Berkeley and the National Peace Corps Association to develop a brilliant device that yields up to 37 liters of pure water a day! A WaterSeer™ Orchard will provide enough clean water for an entire community which is simply amazing and a worth while product to keep working on.

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WaterSeer currently have an Indiegogo set up to help fund the project so if you would like to put your money where it could help develop the world click the following link:


This water source that runs 24/7 is exactly what we need to ensure that we will continue to have clean water regardless of any global disasters or catastrophes. Water is easily contaminated these days as we face high pollution level and continue to use oil as a prime energy source (Pipeline Bursts) so to always be guaranteed clean water to survive is just something a human can respect and be thankful for.

WaterSeer™ FAQs:
Q – Does WaterSeer exist, or are these just concepts? 

AThe original WaterSeer model was tested as a prototype at the UC Berkeley Gill Tract Community Farm in April 2016. Results were excellent; of the several model tested, all exceeded water production goals. At full scale, the winning model could generate up to 11 gallons a day! The best of all features were combined in the new prototype .  It was finalized in August of 2016 and will be field tested in coordination with the National Peace Corps Association once crowdfunding raise is complete. Your contributions will help us test and finalize the design so that we can move forward!


Q – When will WaterSeer be ready to ship?
– Our current schedule is to test the new model prototype in the field over the next 6 months. We anticipate shipping the new model within the next year.

Q – How do you know that you will be able to get 11 gallons of water a day from one device?

A – We have run calculations based on the field test data that show that WaterSeer will generate as much as 11 gallons of pure water a day under the arid conditions in the San Francisco area.  Actual yield will vary based on environmental conditions; in Virginia, for example, the yield is much greater. What is unique about the new model is it uses the cooler ground reservoir to condense water 24 hours a day, which is 8 times the optimal condensation time as our first prototype. Since WaterSeer uses the difference in the ground and air temperature, which requires no power to achieve, WaterSeer effectiveness is not based on Relative Humidity, as with other, energy intensive, condensation devices. We never stop making improvements, and continuous process improvement is a core competency. Your contribution will help us achieve that goal!

Q – What if the air is polluted? Will the water also be polluted?
A –
 Great Question! The water that condenses from the air using WaterSeer is pure, distilled water without impurities. It is cleaner than rain water, which catches particulates as it falls to the ground. As pure, distilled water, it is cleaner than tap water without any additives, impurities, or chemicals of any kind.

Q – How will the device be cleaned? How will you keep debris and insects out of the water?
A –
In the current design concept, we use a filter to keep debris and insects from falling into the device. The WaterSeer condensation chamber below ground is inserted in a sleeve so it is easily removable for inspection and cleaning. Field tests showed the water collected to be virtually free of particulates over a one week period, and cleaner than rain water in terms of pollutants and pathogens.

Q – Why haven’t projects or devices like this succeeded in the past? What makes WaterSeer different?
A –
Previous solutions based on condensation use a great deal of energy, usually in the form of diesel-powered compressors and evaporators. They are basically big air conditioners. Some use powerful and dangerous chemicals that can damage the immediate environment. They are also difficult to move, require high technical skills to operate, and expensive to operate and maintain. WaterSeer uses no power or chemicals of any kind. It is completely non-polluting and its simple construction is inexpensive and maintenance free.

Q – Why not simply dig a well to get water where people live?

A – Where people need water is rarely the best location for a well; in fact, most locations are completely unsuitable for ground water wells. In addition, good water is frequently including high mineral content, in some cases are very harmful levels. Well water purity is changeable, the maintenance is expensive, and sustaining a ground water well frequently requires specialized technical skills to operate and maintain. WaterSeer, by contrast, can be installed anywhere.

Q – If I give $134, or more, will I receive a WaterSeer device, once they are fully designed and manufactured?

AYes. Your contribution of $134 or more is a registered pre-order. You order will be filled following the first manufacturing run.

Q – You list the National Peace Corps Association as a partner. What role are they playing in this project?
The NPCA has been involved in the development of WaterSeer since the initial testing in April 2016 at UC Berkley, and they have agreed to coordinate field testing of WaterSeer in targeted emerging economies in the coming year. NPCA and VICI Labs have a formal agreement to promote NPCA member entrepreneurs and to facilitate the development of NPCA member innovations.


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