5 Dutch dairy farmers in Stitswerd, Groningen, witnessed a mystery on Saturday, January 28. Several hundreds of cows from the 5 dairy farmers simultaneously started running riot without a clear cause. The cows bumped into each other and the fences of their cowshed. One of the farmers said that their behavior really looked like agony, so it was not just a moment of frustration for the cows, it was really a life or death situation.


Even more shocking is that the farmers all have experienced these panic attacks from their cows several times before, for the lasts few months. However, these kinds of mysterious events only seem to occur around the small town called Stitswerd.


It was speculated that a raptor bird might have caused the panic attack, however, this can’t be true since it happened at 5 dairy farms simultaneously. A veterinarian has been consulted as well, but she couldn’t find an explanation either. Another possibility is that an earthquake scared the cows, but none of the farmers felt anything themselves. Besides, cows in Groningen should be used to earthquakes due to the regular gas drilling in the province (which is progressively destructive to the land and houses of Groningen by the way, damn fossil fuels!).


The most logical conclusion is that the panic attacks are caused by the recent testing of 5G Wi-Fi in the North of Groningen, exactly were Stitswerd is located! Groningen is the first flat land region where they are testing 5G. Other places are Finland and South-Korea, but there they are testing in urban regions. 5G is being tested on urban and flat land because on flat land there are no obstacles to influence the network signals. Additionally, 5G can be used for self-driving agricultural machinery and to moderate the farming soil and such.



5G is way better than 4G in the aspects of network speed and capacity.
However, one can logically conclude that the dangerous side effects of 5G are greater as well, although this has not been proven yet. Wireless devices give off electromagnetic radiation in a low gigahertz frequency (aka EMF). This radiation is considered potentially dangerous to people. Depending on the level and length of exposure, health risks can range from insomnia and headaches to tumours. Mention that most of us are exposed to EMF continuously, day and night, from multiple sources; cell phones, Wi-Fi routers, PC’s, cell towers, Power Lines, and more.


Cows in Groningen are less used to EMF because they live in the most remote region of The Netherlands, so they might feel the harmful effects better than most of us. It is also possible that cows, in general, are more sensitive to EMF than humans, just like how some animals can feel stormy weather coming before a single raindrop has hit the ground. One could also imagine that a sudden boost of EMF, with the 5G testing, hits the cows hard and scares them or even causes instant headaches. Keep in mind that these cows might have never been exposed to much EMF at all; they live around the small town Stitswerd, which inhabits just over a hundred people.


These speculations have not been confirmed by the promoters of the 5G Wi-Fi testing in Groningen, in fact, any possible harmful effects are not even mentioned. (The group of promoters includes: KPN, het Economic Board Groningen, het Agentschap Telecom, Vodafone, Ericsson, TNO, Huawei, de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, SURF en de Hanzehogeschool Groningen)
Whether these speculations are right or wrong, fact remains that EMF is dangerous for humans (and cows), so what can we do to reduce exposure? Simply turning off your Wi-Fi router, PC and cell phone sounds like the obvious solution, but then you’re still affected by EMF from other people’s devices, not to mention the cell towers and power lines everywhere. Besides, you can’t read this article without the use of your PC.


Here are things you can do to reduce EMF exposure:
– Remove electronics from your bedroom.
You hopefully spend a good 8 hours per night in your bedroom, so by removing as much electronic devices as possible, the length of exposure is reduced significantly.
– Distance yourself from EMF sources.
The closer you are to a Wi-Fi router or any other source of EMF the stronger the exposure is. Place your router far away from your lazy chair and you’re already well on your way.
– Spend less time in front of electronics.
Like it or not, your PC, TV, and cell phone emit EMF as well. Try to reduce long-time exposure.
– Turn off electronics when possible.
When you’re done watching TV, turn it off. At night, turn off your Wi-Fi router as well, maybe ask your neighbour to do the same.
– Shield yourself and your house.
There are several ways to shield yourself and your house from EMF, with EMF reflectors or absorbers for instance. And you could use an EMF blocking case for your cell phone.
– Wear a crystal necklace or place crystals around your house.
Black Tourmaline, Shungite, and Orgonite are the best crystals you can use to eliminate EMF from your surroundings. These crystals basically turn negative energy (from EMF) into positive energy and are therefore actually healthy for you. Shungite is more of a neutralizer, but has many other health benefits as well. Himalayan salt lamps are also great for blocking EMF.
Even better than reducing exposure to EMF would be to replace Wi-Fi with a safer wireless internet system. And surprisingly enough there is: Li-Fi is a wireless system that uses light to send and receive information. Li-Fi is faster, safer, and more energy-efficient than Wi-Fi. And there is no EMF emission at all! A disadvantage of Li-Fi is that it can not be used in the dark since it uses visible light to transport information. Also, light can not go through walls, so Li-Fi can’t either. But an extra station would fix this problem. The aim, for now, is to use Wi-Fi and Li-Fi and to make use of the advantages of both. Last but not least, the question remains: Should we be concerned about the probable implementation of 5G Wi-Fi in the near future? Share your thoughts in the comments!
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  1. I am EMF sensitive and hopefully I’m not the only person who feels this way. That’s a poorly studied condition ― no proved treatment is available. And yeah, it does make living in urban environment a challenge. For example, I can’t stay at Whole Foods store because of electromagnetic waves from their free wi-fi transmitter: after 5-10 minutes of exposure I feel a surge of anxiety usually followed by certain cardiac effects.
    Recently I visited one helpful presentation on EMF sensitivity. Professor, who was reading a lecture, obviously tried to promote and sell a device with a shungite stone inside he bought at shungit-store.com. He claimed that shungite could negate EMF sensitivity symptoms and he spoke highly of its efficiency. Frankly speaking, I’m quite skeptical towards any products with obscure mechanisms of action but the man offered a money-back guarantee. And I thought: “Hey, you’re not risking anything. Why not try?” So I bought the shungite thing and stuffed it into my jeans pocket (the device is small and light, it fits perfectly). My bad ― I haven’t thought about it for the next several days when I stayed at home.
    Today I’ve been so busy with some job related tasks. One of the shops I visited on my way back home was Whole Foods. I was going to grab some food and leave store asap. Imagine my surprise when standing at a cash desk I suddenly realized there is no headache anymore. Roughly 20 minutes passed since I had entered the store and yet I was all right! No heart pounding, no sweating, no anxiety ― I felt perfectly calm and happy. Sometimes I can be quite pedantic ― I asked a shop assistant about the wi-fi and she said it was perfectly functional at the time. Puzzled, I absent-mindedly flapped my pockets and discovered that the shungite thing had been there all the time, completely forgotten. Until that moment I never knew it was there, so I couldn’t convince myself like it happens with placebo effect. It seems, surprisingly, the shungite appeared to work.
    There’s more to it. The apartment where I currently live… Let’s say, personal matters have forced me to move there quickly. I had no time to search for a EMF-safe housing in a cellular-free zone ― as you may guess, that’s a hard task. Okay, so I moved to the new apartment and soon felt my sleep was getting worse: disturbing dreams, hard to fall asleep, fatigue upon waking up and so on. I thought firstly there is something wrong in the air in this building. Sometimes it was hard to breath at night. But the real reason presented itself shortly: one day I saw a cell antenna mounted on our apartment block. Due to many reasons I can’t move somewhere else right now, so the shungite device really helps ― I’ve been able to enjoy healthy sleep since I’ve bought it. I hope it continues to work. But I’m still confused: how can this shungite rock project such an effect? What is the action mechanism? If anyone can provide a scientific background behind shungite counter-EMF activity, I would appreciate an insight (please refrain from spiritualism-related stuff, strictly scientific facts).Thank you for your attention and good luck.

    • Thanks you for sharing your story with us! And great that shungite helps you so much.
      All I know is that shungite is made mainly of carbon, which has great adsorption activity. Activated charcoal (which is also made of carbon) is used to detoxify the body from heavy metals, and alcohol poisoning. it is also used in gas masks and for water purification.
      Now I don’t know if this says anything about how it can protect you against EMF, but I assume that the carbon in shungite just works as an adsorb-er for every negative energy (whether solid, liquid, gas, or frequency). So shungite just adsorbs everything that is bad for us.
      You could research it more thoroughly yourself if you really want to know how it works.
      There is proof that shungite work though! so you are probably not experiencing a placebo effect. For instance, there are many youtube videos where people put shungite between an EMF meter and an electronic define, and you can clearly see the EMF being blocked by the shungite.

      • The Russians discovered and used shungite since the late 1600’s for purification of water to begin with then for removing infections from the human body. There are only two mines in the world which produce shungite, both are in Russia. Don’t ber fooled by hoaxers. In the last century the Russians used to detox patients from Chemo and Radiation therapy. The military has used it to protect workers from microwave related illnesses. It has also been used on military aircraft to lower the detectable radar footprint. I use it to make shungite water which I drink daily for the last 3 years for its detoxing properties which promote liver cleanseing and kidney health.
        On my site I provide shungite with the purchase of a meter ring which ‘adjusts’ emf’s to a harmless wave form. http://www.FreqE1.com
        An excellent book is also available on the virtures of shungite, titled, ‘Shungite, Protection, Healing, and Detoxification by Regina Martino’. Available used on Amazon for about $5. Be informed, stay safe and enjoy this amazing time in history we are witness to.

    • Every thing has a frequency. EMFs have a frequency that is damaging to our own. Certain natural stones and crystals and such have frequencies that counteract EMFs. It’s like they mutually hit each other and cancel each other out. Those same stones when they hit our frequency help restore ours to normal, even optimal. This almost seems off topic, but I think it’s a good picture in a different form: I carry a water bottle that contains certain ceramic beads. Within five minutes those beads turn acidic water to an optimal alkaline level, while also providing a more anti-oxidant effect to the body. It’s the frequency in the beads.

  2. I have heard some stories about military RADAR driving deer & birds crazy, like this:

    New research shows that cows might also be extremely sensitive to electromagnetic fields:

    We do not know if the sensation is audible, visual or tactile. It’s possible that a very strong EMF at certain frequencies might be extremely annoying to cows, like a very loud noise or a burning sensation. These farmers should use a signal meter, spectrum analyzer or wideband receiver to monitor 5G radio emissions, for example:



    If there is any news, please update this article.

  3. imagine the cows being shot up with weaponized laser grids causing their demise. we have proof the government has deployed magnetic resonance imaging / nuclear magnetic resonance imaging/ electron spin resonance and quantum particle manipulation devices in space, land and sea apparatus to spy on and mind control animals and citizens. details on drrobertduncan.com

  4. [Excerpt] ‘There is nothing on the planet electrically compatible with each of the frequencies and the frequency interactions with everything they hit was left out of frequency calculations. The frequencies will kill everything living on the planet, radiate buildings, accelerate corrosion of infrastructure and destroy everything. On a personal note, there is no place to hide, no opt out and 100% of people regardless of wealth, power, self importance, their families, etc will be adversely affected. The frequencies will genetically modify genetically modified food, kill bees, pollinators, all food, migration, kill fish spawning and hell is here for what we are doing.’

  5. I make and sell emf neutralizing devices which utilize tensor ring and quantum scalar frequencies to get the job done. Here’s my website http://www.FreqE1.com And do make note of the testimonials. We are not helpless in this battle to destroy the human condition. We do have choices which can and do make a difference.

  6. I dont believe in such devices. but, lets say it WOULD work, so what about the harming of your neighbour, the other people, animals…. when using wireless device, because YOU think that you are protected? this doesnot change ANYTHING in the world, even when we all use those stones. We should give up using wireless devices this is the only way to stop them building up more and more celltowers, more and more wireless devices..

  7. Thanks for reporting on this. I would urge even more caution than your suggested solutions. We should NOT be using ANY wireless signals, as they’re harmful to life–because life is ALREADY using very small amounts of signal to understand the materials around it, and these electronic signals are SHOUTING LOUDLY, at over 1000x the total natural background levels. Wired-only signals are typically far safer. I personally feel pain often within seconds of others’ exposing me to signals (such as from a 3G/4G cell tower at over 1km away, similar to the cows, along with a whole host of biological issues as the signals accumulate. These are NOT to be trifled with.

  8. This effect the 5G is having on the cows could be caused by resonance at its working frequency or harmonics of the frequency or a beat note. The size and shape of their heads could be the reason for this effect. A similar effect happened with people when fillings in their teeth picked up local radio stations causing them to hear music! Something worth investigating. I am an electrical/electronics design engineer.

    • Could be. That’s interesting! However radio waves are not harmful right, but EMF is. I hope this beat note effect from the EMF is only disturbing but not damaging to the cows, if that’s the case.

  9. Yes I have proved that organite works with quartz crystals.cover them with polyester resin with metal in them. You can add many other things. It’s also important to ground yourself or earth yourself. Check out grounding the documentary on u tube.
    I sleep grounded with an strap that is connected to a earth stake at the opposite end of the house to the meter box. The electrical earth is dirty. Don’t use it. I wear sandles with a metal Chicago screws through them. So I am grounded most of the time. Strap at the work bench and computer. I can measure up to 16 volts ac at the computer , unbelievable. Buy the book Earthing. The most important health discovery by Clinton Ober , Stephen Sinatra , Martin Zuckerberg. A lot of medical reasearch is documented here.
    4 G and everything else is bad enough but 5 G , heaven help us. Smart meters , cover them with 5 layers of aluminium foil from the kitchen and slap 5 layers on the back too. Don’t walk barefooted over underground cables as they have in many retirement villages. Looks pretty but you are walking over an electromagnetic field about 2 feet deep. I had a lady tell
    Me she could not walk barefooted in her village as it caused her a lot of foot pain but no problems walking barefoot anywhere else. Discover the underground cable issue. She can walk bare footed now in her back yard. Lots to learn and many athletes sleep ungrounded sleeping bags when competing on the road. Very fast recovery time.

  10. I was more interested in what happened to the cows and the way this article presents troubled cows, should we be concerned(?) or concerned for us and the cows too? See the animals take the beating don’t they really? That’s my comment and opinion that, maybe i’m being too sensitive but we all will be upon the final roll out (especially in America) of this newly coming 5 G, very creeping it’s fast way right into our bodies. That’s the way I’ve concluded it’s all happening. And this should like, the final phase of faster and greater speeds of wireless technology. I have to think that it’s not for our benefit of wireless gadgets to make our games faster and phone communication clearer and/or quicker, whatever…there’s that punch again or is that pulse again the ever threatening bigger woe to sew coming our way faster and bigger better and a lot more good for the greater good (huh)?

  11. EM radiation kills sperm. Imagine your walking down the street and you are hit by lightning. Yup that’s what is happening to ALL your Sperm and 5G will kill them. Testicles are EXTERNAL Organs because delicate sperm can not even develop properly at high body temperature. 5G users could expect lower sperm counts and infertility. Also you can expect a sharp rise in autistic ADHD children suffering significantly higher birth defects. Testicular Cancer is also related to High EMF radiation. People really need to test these new technologies on LIVE SPERM , because they are risking GENOCIDE of all humans in areas of high EMF saturation (business, cities,etc). 5G would be on all the time of course, microwaving your testicles even while you sleep… think about that!

  12. GMOs Are Safe: 5 Things the Organic Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know
    39 likes, 26 dislikes
    uploaded by Cast Iron Chaos
    Published on Aug 28, 2017
    my comment:
    hey, why don’t you do a vid on how the 5g roll out did not send a herd of affected cows completely mad at all. Most of us will easily believe your no doubt angelic performance, … promise.
    There’s no need, because the only site to claim 5G wi-fi caused mad cows is, of course, all about the evils of meat and the magical wonderfulness of veganism and cannabis. Credibility none. All I’m interested in, in this video, are GMOs and the nonsense of “organic” food labels.
    my turn again:
    thank you for the link*, excellent site, i disapprove of your denegration of it although long since i went back to meat after trying vegan and even rawfood for a while.
    * = It occassioned the first time i read about the story, having only heard of it yesterday from a relative, .. almost all dutch media products tend to infuriate me even more than your vids but for similar reasons so i abstain. Trying to complement them has proven counterproductive, cause although i seem to help steer topic navigation (with lags of up to 20 years, affording plenny of deniability all around), ability to heat them up does not guarantee having a hand in correct handling and resolution.

    aks yourselves why Hilversum, the Hague, London, NYC and LA are on the same line …

  13. ” 5G is way better than 4G in the aspects of network speed and capacity.”
    Well no actually it is not way better because living being human and animal matter more then
    the internet and it’s speed.

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