Dethleffs is now testing RVs which are covered in solar panels and loaded with new battery technology – so you’ll finally be able to truly go off grid. According to New Atlas, the RVs are constructed on Dethleffs’ Iveco Daily Electric chassis which are power by multiple sources of energy. The most effective batteries being utilized provide a range of up to 174 miles (on European Cycle). Even after accounting for extra weight in the camper, the range still reaches over 100 miles.

Solar-Powered RV

What’s more, driving range is even less of an issue because these e-homes are blanketed by 334 square feet of thin-film solar panels, and the RVs can generate 3,00 watts of electricity to power their 228-Ah sodium-nickel-chloride batteries. More specifically, the battery is durable enough to withstand about 1,500 charges or 155,350 miles. Additionally, these RVs utilize a phase change materials heating system to absorb outside-heat of 79 degrees Fahrenheit or more; the heat is vented into the cabin once the outside temperature plummets (at night, for instance).

These RVs are even compatible with top-of-the-line driver assistance technology, such as the CampConnect app and the Mobileye front-vehicle monitoring system. Cutting-edge technology is also present elsewhere, inside and outside of the cabin: one foil-based technology is used in the window panes to darken windows for sleep or privacy, and another foil-based technology is used in the lighting to display a mirrored surface when lights are off. Moreover, a starlight system projects a starry sky onto lounging quickly and easily transforms into a spacious sleeping area, and the cabin includes a kitchen, a bathroom, and a flat panel television.

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