“Mission Blue”, Netflix’s original documentary featuring legendary oceanographer, marine biologist, environmentalist and National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Sylvia Earle is thought provoking and inspirational with a real call to action! In her own words, “The Ocean is dying! A world without the Ocean, is a world without us”. As of 2014, less than 3% of the Ocean is protected. Mission Blue’s goal is for at least 20% by 2020 through creating “Hope Zones”.

Some may fault this documentary as being more about the crusader than the crusade. What Rachel Carson was to insecticides, birds and our planet in 1962, Sylvia Earle is to the Ocean today. After spending an excess of 7000 hours underwater in connection with her research since 1953, Sylvia brings a lifetime of priceless observations helping to bring awareness and causing people to talk about the issue and ultimately helping to re-wire the way people look at our relationship to nature. Courageously and untiringly, her invaluable and passionate research has caused a rippling effect of conversations, of action, of bringing Hope and restoring life to the Ocean. We shall in 50 years look back at today and see what difference it has made.

In her words, “If I could be born anywhere in time, it would be now. It would be now because this is the time as never before. That we understand what we didn’t 50 years ago. If we wait another 50 years, opportunities we now have will be gone. This is the moment. Our decisions. Our actions will shape everything that follows.”

You can find “Misson Blue” on Netflix!

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