Do you want to wake up among the beauty of a forest? Imagine waking up in the morning with the sound of chirping birds, the warmth of the sun beaming through the windows, a light breeze rustling the trees and water trickling calmly in rivers nearby.

Everyone to some degree loves this kind of setting even for a day, a month or even for life. The issue in this day in age is simply cost and time which regularly affects most of us on a day to day basis. To start a project such as ‘building a cabin’ is always going to be a challenge not just physically, financially but rather mentally. You have to make time and forget the loss of money that you perhaps would endure by taking time off work for this project, and to just let go of all your worries and anxieties that follow. Thankfully there is a shift happening in society, one that encourages people to slow down, relax and enjoy your life while you still have it. I personally think, correct me if I am wrong, but regardless of what people are getting materially in this society we live in is simply not fulfilling which is why people seek more and more only to realise that the fulfilment was always within us rather than an object that you can buy.

Happy young family walking down the road outside in green nature.

Happiness was always and always will be within us, you just have to change your mind-set. Imagine more time to rest, more time to connect with nature and lest time thinking about the bills you have to pay and wanting the materials we have been taught to want.


Common Question?

When it comes to living off grid in a tiny home the question that comes up so often is: “is it practical to live in homes like this all the time? all year round?”. The answer is yes” & I think this entirely depends on your lifestyle and whether you are prepared to adapt to a lifestyle that will ensure your success.

Building a off grid cabin for under £1500 ($2000) below:

The video below goes into great detail about how you can build your very own cabin either on your property or in another ideal location for you. You can also get the plans for this cabin very inexpensively from the man who designed them over at

Whether it’s a weekend home you are looking for, a starter home for a small family or whether you are ready to get off the grid and do something completely different, this cabin can do the trick and for a small price tag.

Want to make the cabin bigger? No problem! It’s designed to handle additions on the 3 sides of the cabin should you decide down the road you want more space. The entire cabin can be built for under £1500 ($2000) using new materials but this doesn’t include the price of windows and doors. Nonetheless, the price would still be less than £3000 ($4000) all said and done.

Here is the video! Enjoy!



    • There are some Facebook Groups that talk about Urban Gardening and Homesteading. They’d certainly love your site! Also, some companies sell kits. I haven’t found any priced as affordable as this! It’d be great to start securing national parks to build villages with these structures, preferably with reclaimed materials. Great post, thanks!

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