• A man from Suffolk has claimed that Cannabidiol (CBD) has saved the life of his epileptic dog
  • His dog, Titch, went from having multiple life-threatening seizures a day to just 3 since June 2017
  • “CBD has absolutely changed both of our lives, I don’t think he’d be alive today without it”
  • Could CBD become a regular medication for British pets?

A British man has told Medical Marijuana UK that a legal cannabis-based food supplement has changed the life of his severely epileptic dog, Titch.

Steve Watson, from Suffolk, turned to Cannabidiol (CBD), the non-psychoactive cannabinoid (chemical) found in cannabis and hemp, after Titch’s seizures became so severe that vets wanted to start him on pharmaceutical medications.

Steve told us:

“About 2 years ago my dog Titch started having seizures.

“They started out as little fits or ‘turns,’ gradually getting worse and closer together until his seizures were coming more and more often.

“At that time, somebody tagged me in a Facebook video where a dog was exhibiting signs of a seizure, they administered CBD, and the “fit” seemingly stopped.

“At that same time, I was getting to the point where I’d have had to have taken him to the vets, where he fit the criteria to be medicated daily, which is something I really wanted to avoid, as the medications for epilepsy often get the dog ‘stoned’.”

We have previously reported on numerous human patients who have turned to cannabinoid-medication for epilepsy instead of traditional, and often dangerous, pharmaceutical medications, including the brave young Billy Caldwell from Northern Ireland.

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Steve explained why he decided to try CBD rather than pharmaceuticals:

“I had given him diazepam before, and I didn’t like what it did to him, so it was important to me that he never take that first dose of phenobarbital or gabapentin.”

One of the many reasons for the explosion in use of CBD in the UK are the CBD help groups being set up on social media websites, such as Facebook.

These groups help newcomers to the health supplement craze, such as Steve, help understand how the medicinal cannabinoid works, what doses to use, which brands are genuine, etc:

“At that time, I was invited to a CBD group on FaceBook and also received some samples of CBD.

“I had no idea what I was doing, so I just did what I thought was right, and started giving him oil as soon as possible.”

Steve was amazed at just how quickly the hemp-derived medication worked:

“It was only 2 days later that he had his next fit, but instead of having a massive fit followed by a cluster, he had one small seizure, and recovered quicker than he had before.

Titch being given his CBD medication
Titch being given his CBD medication


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