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IBM Solar Collector Magnifies Sun by 2,000x (without cooking itself), Costs 3x Less Than...

Cleverly combining solar PV with solar thermal to reach 80% conversion efficiency Concentrating the sun's ray onto solar photovoltaic (PV) modules requires walking the fine...

Breakthrough! Scientists Have Created a Concrete Roof That Generates Solar Power

In a brief: Researchers in Switzerland have developed a new form of molded roofing capable of harvesting solar power. The design is expected to help...
Gavin Munro

Meet the Company That Grows Furniture to Combat Mass-production Issues – Full Grown Ltd

Yes, that's right! They grow their own furniture! Taking a radical stance on the way we produce our objects, Gavin Munro and Full Grown are at the cutting...

Reflections on the Life & Work of Jacque Fresco – The Venus Project

Joel Holt, with the help of Roxanne Meadows and Nate Dinwiddie’s archiving, created a video “Reflections on the Life & Work of Jacque Fresco”....
Solar-Powered RV

Off-grid Solar-Powered RV Runs without fuel or charging stations

Dethleffs is now testing RVs which are covered in solar panels and loaded with new battery technology - so you'll finally be able to...



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How To Escape a Sinking Vehicle. Knowing How Might Save Your...

Lots of people drown each year because their cars become submerged underwater in a crash and they cannot get out. This is something that...